Festival 5/5 call for entries/ deadline postponed till the 25th of May

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The Fes­ti­val 5/5 (www.festival5sur5.be) orga­ni­zed by Dra­go­ne com­pany ( www.dragone.com) invi­tes during 5 weeks 5 Euro­pe­an film­ma­kers for a docu­men­tary resi­dency in the citi­es of La Lou­viè­re and Mons (Bel­gium). We offer them trans­por­ta­ti­on, lod­ging, food but also crew and equip­ment to cre­a­te a short docu­men­tary film.  A 5 weeks long resi­dency with a super fri­en­dly team, a truly Uni­que Experience.

More info :

=> http://www.festival5sur5.be/ the-documentary-film.html