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(new) Call for entries


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Cami­nhos do Cine­ma Por­tu­guês is pre­pa­ring its 26th edi­ti­on, see­king to bring together the best con­tem­po­rary nati­o­nal cine­ma­to­graphy. In an aty­pi­cal year, we try to look at both the rights of the spec­ta­tors and the oppor­tu­ni­ti­es and con­tin­gen­ci­es that pla­gue pro­du­cers and creators.

Loo­king at the cur­rent pre­mi­ses in whi­ch we live due the Covid19 pan­de­mic, the orga­ni­za­ti­on announ­ces that in the cur­rent edi­ti­on point 4.3 of the fes­ti­val regu­la­ti­on will be igno­red, being admit­ted all films com­ple­ted sin­ce 31 July 2019, even if they were shown on tele­vi­si­on or published, by will of the author or pro­du­cer, on web­si­tes, stre­a­ming ser­vi­ces (eg: Net­flix, NOS Play, Meo Vide­o­Club), or edi­ted on DVD or Blu­Ray. In line with tho­se the new con­di­ti­ons for admis­si­on, the call for entri­es dea­dli­ne is exten­ded to 15 Sep­tem­ber 2020.

More detai­led infor­ma­ti­on is avai­la­ble in the call for movi­es page.

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